Web Maps

My work in Land Survey & GIS spans more than 20 years. I put that experience to work for my clients and enjoy making custom maps to help visualize location aspects of their data. I'm handy with Mapbox® GL-JS, Google® APIs, the esri® suite of products, and more to help clients visualize location analysis, drone imagery, point cloud data, and all kinds of spatially enhanced data sets. See examples of these over in the Map Gallery.

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Web Design

I've recently added website design to my tool box and consider myself quite proficient on the front end even while still in the learning phase of the full MERN stack. Here's a site I delivered to a Real Estate Company. (note: their server is not tied to this demo site.)

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Data Insights

I'm skilled at analyzing and presenting data with Tableau®, MS Power BI, and a range of other commercial and open source tools and products. I'm currently working on examples of my skills in each to add here. Get in touch to see what I have so far.

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